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Having been strongly involved in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, Vicky Kaya founded Fashion Workshop in the centre of Athens, aiming to create a unique hub of education and fashion with international standards. Her valuable experience and contacts, having worked with internationally acclaimed designers (Chanel, Christian Dior, Johnson and Johnson, Lancia and Nivea, among others) and her lusting love for fashion are now passed on to the younger generation.

Fashion Workshop is now the leading fashion school in Greece. Its vision is to innovatively develop a high academic level of expertise in young people wanting to become members of the multi-billion global Fashion market. Fashion Workshop offers 2 to 4 scholarships per year, and strives to admit the academically brightest students, regardless of background. It is the only fashion school in Greece with a firm strategy targeted towards employment, with an occupation rate of 85% after graduation. Within its operation the school has accomplished countless synergies engaging the students with brands like Vodafone, H&M, Disney, Nivea, Diageo and TOMS. Currently Fashion Workshop is accredited by Mod’ Art International Paris and by the Greek Ministry of Education.



Educational Acredited Partners

Mod’Art International, one of the major leaders within the fashion industry, sets the pace for multidisciplinary education where workshops and lectures meet case studies and business meetings, combining professionalism and creativity.

Fashion On Screen

Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya in collaboration with Filep Motwary present “FASHION ON SCREEN”, an annual fashion film festival, for the first time in Greece.

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